Hummel Planetarium

Public Shows Times 

***Public show times and dates are subject to change. Doors close once the show starts. We operate under the EKU inclement weather plan. If EKU closes or is on a time delay, we will be as well. Call us for more information. Please check our website, facebook, and twitter frequently. Thank you for your continued support! ***

***Each show has a star talk that follows it, showing you what is in our night sky**

August 24th

4:00: BIG

August 26th

12:00: Earth, Moon & Sun

1:30: STARS: The Powerhouses to the Universe

August 28th

2:00: To Space & Back

August 31st 

4:00: Life: A Cosmic Story

September 2nd - September 4th

Closed For Labor Day

September 7th

4:00: Two Small Pieces of Glass 
6:00: BIG

September 9th

12:00: One World, One Sky: Big Bird's Adventure
1:30: Black Holes

September 11th

2:30:  Awesome Light: Episode 3

September 14th

4:00: Earth, Moon & Sun
6:00: Life: A Cosmic Story

September 16th

Closed for Spoonbread Festival. Come see us at the festival!

September 17th

2:00: The Accidental Astronauts: An Earth Sun Moon Adventure
3:30: STARS: The Powerhouses to the Universe

September 18th

11:00: Perfect Little Planet
2:30: STARS: The Powerhouses to the Universe

September 21st

Closed for City Fest

September 23rd

12:00: Perfect Little Planet
1:30: To Space & Back

September 25th

Closed for Maintenance

September 28th

4:00: The Accidental Astronauts: An Earth Sun Moon Adventure
6:00: To Space & Back

September 30th

12:00: Earth, Moon & Sun
1:30: Two Small Pieces of Glass