Out-of-the-World Thursdays

Every Thursday at 4 pm in June and July is Out-of-the World Thursdays at the Hummel Planetarium!
Get an Adult ticket, a Child ticket and get to do the activity after the show all for $15! Call us to RSVP your spot!
*Shows and activities subject to change

June 1st

STARS: The Powerhouses of the Universe with Cook-a-Comet Activity
Learn about comets and make your own comet with dry ice!

June 8th

To Space & Back with Scribble Bots Activity
Make your own Scribble Bot with a motor and a battery. See what path it takes as it traces its path with markers. What happens to the path if you change the weight on your robot?

June 15th

Perfect Little Planet with Slime with Glow in the Dark Stars Activity
Do some chemistry by making some slime! Add some glow in the dark stars and blue and black sand to give it more of a outer space feel!

June 22nd

Accidental Astronauts with Fun Chemical Reactions Activity
What happens when you mix baking soda and water? What about with soda? Vinegar? Find out what happens when you add glow in the dark paint or soap!

June 29th

One World, One Sky: Big Bird's Adventure with Make Your Kinetic Sand Activity
Come and make some fun sand that you can make shapes with and squish! What would you build with your sand?

July 6th

Two Small Pieces of Glass with Light Fun Activity
Find out how light works and how it looks like through diffraction glasses. How would you see the world if you had glasses with blue or red filters? How could you use this to write secret messages?

July 13th

To Space & Back with Playdough Circuits Activity
Make your own playdough, and then use it to turn on an 5 mm LED light bulb!

July 20th

Accidental Astronauts with Make Your Own Bouncy Balls Activity
Learn about polymers by making a couple bouncy balls! What color are you going to make yours?

July 27th

Earth, Moon & Sun with Solar Print Activity
Learn about the sun and then use the sun to make a print on solar print paper!